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Why Hire an Attorney to File your Insurance Claim?

When facing property damage due to a hurricane, fire, plumbing failure and so forth, you are going to face time consuming hours fighting with the insurance companies or filing a claim. Generally, to really get the compensation you deserve, you are going to want to look into getting your own attorney on board. Claims require very detailed work and prior knowledge in the industry is a must as policy language can be tricky. Insurance companies are always looking for the cheapest way out of the claim -by a complete denial of the claim or making a limited payment. At SPW Law Firm we do not incur fees unless we obtained compensation for our clients. So, we are not paid unless we help you win your money. We charge a percentage of the settlement as our fee (typically, the same percentage a public adjuster would charge), not an hourly rate. We will decode all the legal jargon involved in dealing with the insurance claim; do the research and document all damages incurred (including extra money incurred for additional living expenses or business interruption). We prepare the entire claim and ensure that it gets pushed through to the insurance company. We negotiate settlements, will even re-open claims where there has been under payment or denials and file lawsuits against the insurance companies when necessary. It is in our interest, as well as yours, to have the claim be 1) expedited, and 2) get a maximum settlement for our clients. Contrary to popular belief, attorneys in the Insurance Claim field, do everything a Public Adjuster would do. Public Adjusters are great for opening claims. However, many times, the claims are handed over to attorneys in order to obtain maximum compensation. At SPW Law Firm, we work with the best Loss Consultants (Many of which are public adjusters) in the industry.  

At SPW Law Firm, we are here for you in every step of your claim. Contact us today, 305-714-2114, or 

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