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SPW Law Firm Provides Important Information for Property Owners with the Arrival of Hurricane and Tr

It is important property owners take all the necessary precautions to remain safe during a storm while doing everything they can to preserve their property. Remember to have your policy in hand, put up shutters or board up your home and remove all lawn furniture from the outdoors.

In the aftermath of a storm, it is important you understand your rights and obligations in pursuing an insurance claim for your damages. Always seek professional help to examine your property. Many times, the severity of your damages to your property are not known to you until months or years after the loss. Hiring a professional to inspect your home to determine the extent of your damages is the best way to insure the necessary repairs are claimed to your insurance company. At SPW Law Firm, we provide free inspections and consultations. We will visit your home to determine the extent of your damages and will advise you of the necessary steps required to file an insurance claim. If you believe your property has been damaged due to a storm contact us, 305-714-2114 or

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